The Flash

The flash has been a successful show since its release date in October 7th 2014. Metahumans,which is, villains and superheroes facing crimes in Central City.   

Barry Allen, also known as the Flash was played by the actor Grant Gustin. Barry was just a typical CSI worker, one day he was struck with lightning and was induced into a coma for several months. Days after waking up from that comma he sensed his powers and realized that he was no longer a civilian, he was now that fastest man on earth.

The show has successfully aired 3 seasons. The show has is also tied up with other shows, such as the Arrow and Supergirl. In several episodes the Flash has teamed up with other heroes,  such as Oliver Queen, the Green Arrow to defeat the villains in Central City.With the help of these characters, as well as others, he has been able to keep Central City safe from any metahuman.

The last season at the moment is season three, and Barry is just about ready to lose the love of his life.

Season three has been full of suspense with all the problems Barry has been facing trying to beat Savitar. His race against him has been a race like no other, and the unexpected revelation shocked him when he realized that he is Savitar. He is his own worst enemy and he has not been able to defeat Savitar or his own insecurities.

The season is over and the curiosity whether Barry will defeat him or break down.  The last episode had everyone wondering what would happen to the flash and his team.

Unexpectedly, the love of his life did not die, however, Barry and Iris won’t get their happy ending. The grand season finale was ironic because although he did defeat Savitar, he is now trapped by the speed force.

The flash is a 5 out of 5.