Rosa’s Tamales

Rosa’s Tamales

This weekend I went to a Mexican restaurant specifically a tamale restaurant in the South Side area. The restaurant’s name is “Rosa’s Tamales ” located on 222 ft · 3314 W 55th St the main streets are 55th & Christiana ave.

One of the main reason for which I went there was because I live so close to it and in the mornings I always see people going to work going in and leaving with really big bags of tamales and I always wondered how good they were.

At first sight, it does seem pleasing the restaurant is small and right under a house. And it doesn’t seem so bad but it looks like an odd place to have a restaurant

At the restaurant, one of the biggest attractions would be the tamales. They sell different types of tamales, they have de rojo, verde, de dulce, the pink  ones and the yellow ones, de rajas and the ones that have the green leaf which are the referred to as tamales oaxaquenos.  

The environment is good for families, you mostly see families going there and just having a good time and in the mornings you see the workes with really big bags

The price of the food was also not that bad but the tamales were not so good. For 12 tamales it would be about $8 to $10 dollars which is really not that bad compared to other places.yet the tamales themselves were not so good they needed a little more flavor and the service was a little rude but there than that it was okay

Overall, I would rate the restaurant a 3 out of 5 stars just because the inside of the restaurant was not so bad but I wouldn’t  really buy the tamales unless I really wanted some, but the price was not that bad either.