Famous in love


The show opens up with Paige Townsen as a major hollywood star on an airline on her way back to her hometown and she has to grow through a huge crowd of poperate getting harassed about her personal life.

It flashes back a year earlier when Paige Townsen is a college student living in hollywood going to with her two roommates Cassie and Jake who are talking about using some rent money to pay for lunch. when cassie tells her that they’re going to Gold Brothers Studio to audition for the Locked movie.

When Paige tells Cassie that there is million of girl audition for the part and that her parents would be unhappy that she auditioning instead of focusing on her economic classes and her parents would force her to move back home.Cassie and Jake convince Paige to wanting to be an actor and convince her to go . The show skips to the star Rainer Devon the major star of Locked talking to his mom about him not drinking anymore and that the public need positive things not the drama with his best friend.

It skips to Cassie and Paige in line at the casting and after the addition locked while Rainer and his best friend Jordan Wilder still have drama his friend are still going to work together in the movie.When Rainer sees Paige outside the window. Rainer mother Nina goes to lunch where she talks to the Main media man (that worked for her) that effecting her son’s reputation.When she leaving she see Jordan leaving.

Cassie and Paige are doing laundry when she get a call from the Locked that tells her she has a callback and Cassie sugar daddy sees her at the laundromat. Rainer goes to see Lexi to explain to her that she got to convince Jordan not to read if she wants the part over Decoda. Paige likes her best friend Jack but she doesn’t want to mess things up with him.

Cassie go see her sugar Daddy. Paige has to hide her feeling with Jack walks in shirtless and struggling to finds words to explain that she not mad and he very confuse and Cassie walks in so Paige changes the subject and tells them she got a call back and they’re very excited for her. Jack brings up the issue the next morning and kisses Paige and cassie walks in. Paige and Rainer hit it off in The callback and there is a connection and they kiss which wasn’t scripted.when she leaves they chase her down in the parking lot and make her come back to read with another actor she kills it again the scene and they believe they found there star.

When she leaving she on the phone with cassie and she believes she over did the scene and might not get the part when rainer comes to her car and ask if she would like to grab a cup of coffee and she agrees. Jack was worry about Paige because she didn’t show up to his play because she went out with coffee with Rainer.Jack get a car from an agency and Jack ask if Paige wants to get that drink they talked about this morning when Raier starts calling her and tells her she got the part. He ask to pick her up and celebrate and she says she not leaving her friends today and he suggested he brings them along. It skips to Lexi telling Decoda that she didn’t go to jordan to sleep with him and Decoda should be mad and she didn’t get the part and that she scared to call her agent back because she scared she would drop her and  Decoda is tired of hiding their relationship. Jordan shows up to Rainer moms house and they kiss.

I give the show a 4 out of 5 stars because it good with a strong story line and how it going to affect the character but their might be too much drama that it overshadows the show.