The Beginning of a Legacy


Phoenix Military Academy has had the honor of having its first student accepted into the Questbridge program on April 21, 2017.

Junior, Alexandra Rivera was admitted into the Questbridge Program where she will have the opportunity to be matched with one of many elite, or prestigious, colleges and universities. Questbridge is a non-profit organization providing students the opportunity to gain a full ride to a college or university after graduation.  

“When I applied to Questbridge they asked for my grading history, my transcript ( I sent one from dual enrollment CCC and another from PMA), how many languages I knew, any awards you received, and a resume listing all the extracurricular activities,” said Rivera.

Applying to Questbridge takes a lot of time and dedication. Rivera has proven to persevere when it came to answering demographic information as well as assuming a confident attitude when going through a lengthy interview process.

“You do a whole 8-hour online video conference and talk to college representatives, they mention what type of student they are looking for and what type of student you are,” said Rivera.

With difficult questions and calculated responses, Rivera was able to impress college representatives and was chosen to continue with the Questbridge process. She intends to enroll in Ivy League colleges and universities as well as those who provide her intended major.

“ I plan on applying for Harvard, Bowdoin, Marquette, Stanford, U of I in Urbana-Champ., U of NC in Chapel Hill, Penn State, U of C, Northwestern, UCLA, and Michigan University,” said Rivera.

Rivera’s motivation to pursue her education and a difficult career is derived from her family.

“I’ll major in Biology and I plan on becoming a pediatrician and specializing in rare diseases,  I’d be a disease specialist for children (I was inspired by my brother that has a rare disease…EB). My backup plan is to go into the Air Force and specialize in Trauma,” stated Rivera