CPS will NOT end the school year early


On April 28th, Rahm Emanuel announced that CPS will not end the school year on June 1st despite losing the funding lawsuit. This caused a great upset too many students and some teachers, and many questions are left unanswered on how CPS will afford to keep the school open until June 16th.

This issue caused a lot of controversies. CPS was in need of 100 million dollars and if the school year was cut short, then CPS could have saved around 91 million dollars. However, this also meant that teacher’s school year will end early, which means that they will lose out on the money. They will then need to be in search of a summer job to cover their expenses.

“I wasn’t looking forward to school to end early because that meant that we wouldn’t get paid,” said Ms. Comeford.

Since this issue does not directly harm many students, some of Phoenix’s seniors were especially looking forward to having an early summer break.

“I was hoping that school would end early because we would have a longer summer. Many kids often complain that summer is too short and if the school did end early, they would have had this opportunity,” said senior Yvan Flores.

Despite the divided opinion on the issue, the real concern is how will Rahm Emanuel be able to pay for the last two weeks of school. Due to these recent incidents, the teachers union will hold a rally at Chicago City Hall on Monday, May 1st.