Junior iMentor

This year’s junior class of 2018 has began participating in a program called iMentor.

This program assigns each individual student with a mentor. Many say that this program is a support system that will help them through their transition from high school to college.

At times, students have a hard time transitioning from being in high school to being or even going college. This program helps develop different perspectives while providing a mentor that has experienced this college transition which helps the students who are having difficulty trying to transition into college.Although students take time out of their own lives by staying after school, they appreciate the support.

“I feel that iMentor is worth my time since I have been having trouble figuring out where I want to attend college. I also have trouble figuring out what to look for in a college. iMentor has allowed me to seek advice from a mentor,” said junior Morelia Lara.

The events are held in the school’s gym. The program has offered them many trips for individual students. When students and mentors meet, they learn more about each other as the sessions continue. This bond helps the student connect with their mentor and become comfortable with them. This will broaden their perspectives and get students out of their comfort zones when needing help on choosing the right college for them.

“I admire my mentor as she has experienced so much and has taught me so much already. She provides great support and is always checking up on me. She is so open and funny; it’s very easy to get along with her. As well as working on activities that will help us strengthen our relationship, we participate in activities that help us talk about college,” said Lara.

They are given the chance to interact with the mentors of other students. On their next meet, class of 2018 will take a trip to IIT.