Majorettes win 2nd place at their first competition


The majorettes girl had a competition on April 21 2017 at 125 N Hoyne. This was the girls first public competition against many talented acts. This was the biggest event to the majorettes since this is their first year competing.

Senior Joshlynn Murphy said “I felt nervous about us dancing at the talent show, but at the same time I felt confident about what I was doing.”

“My thoughts about my first Majorettes competition was that, it was really fun. I feel like I really enjoyed myself that day, and all the practice was worth it.” said sophomore Brianna Mackerl

The majorettes team practiced multiple times a week working on routines and the dance moves. Many of the girls felt excited and proud for winning second place because they put in lots of dedication and hardwork.

The majorettes were  also going to a place where  no one knew who they were and their only goal was to get on the floor and impress the judges to win.

“We worked harder and did more stunts in the routines. We practiced more in and out of school to prepare for better.”Said senior Murphy

“My plans to better myself for the next competition are to practice more at home and try to perfect all of the moves.” Said Sophomore Mackerl

The girls plan to improve themselves not only as a group but also on their own time.They pushing to finish the year off strong with more stunts and routines.

“By me being a senior, I plan to continue this hobby or sport rather in the future, but to my girls I hope they will do good and actually make this a hobby and actually enjoy it.” said senior Murphy

“My hopes for our future competitions are to have more fun as well as win 1st place. I feel like we can be able to win 1st next year,”said sophomore Brianna  Mackerl

Many of the girls hope for the team’s future is to improve to the best they can be while trying to give their best at every competition.