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Los Corrales

Los Corrales is a Mexican restaurant on 2891 W. Cermak, on the southside of Chicago. It’s a small mexican restaurant that serves tacos, tortas, soups, enchiladas, and much more. The restaurant sells large amounts of food at a low price, what anyone would want to get out of a restaurant. The service there is great with the waitress coming to the table every 20 mins to check on the customer. The front desk of the restaurant, when the customer is ready to pay for their order there are mini favors for customers to enjoy and remember the restaurant. As a way to welcome them back again anytime. I would give this restaurant ⅘ stars because of the great service, good food, and low prices. Something I did find that could have improvement on is certain dishes that wouldn’t be so pleasing to customers. Other than that, I highly recommend this restaurant.

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