iMentor- Jesse Rosas

The transition between high school and college is definitely something high school students are not accustomed to, especially if they are the first generation from their family attending college. Many of the current students attending Phoenix will be the first generation that attends college and because of this they don’t have the resources to guide them through high school. For the first time, Phoenix has been able to provide the junior class with a mentor program that would allow them to have a better transition from high school to college.

This program called iMentor, which pairs up each individual junior with a college graduate. The student and mentor are given the opportunity to meet once a month through meetings at school as well as having the chance to text each other at any time. The mentors are initially paired with the students in their Junior year and guide them for the next three years, until the end of their freshmen year of college.

“This program is beneficial to me since I’m the first generation in my family that would be going to college. Having a mentor allows me to understand more about the transition to college and the college process as a whole, something I wouldn’t have been able to know otherwise” said junior Jesse Rosas.

Jesse Rosas is a current junior who has been paired with a college graduate named Raj G. who majored in Psychology with a minor in Theater. According to Rosas, Raj emphasizes not to over-work yourself and to obtain a part-time job on campus. By doing this, Raj says it will help with becoming more responsible and allowing a better transition from high school to college