Meet Josiah Romero

Phoenix Military Academy is full of all kinds of students. different races, cultures, and religions. Josiah Romero is a junior at PMA and has a very interesting and positive perspective on life. From a first impression, it is noticeable that he was motivated to be someone in life

“I want to be somebody in life. I want my own house, my own car, and I want my own family. I push myself to do good because I want that. I want a music career. I’ll be doing something that I love,” said Romero.

Josiah has been trying his hardest in school and has big plans for himself and his future. He wants a great future for himself. Not just in ten years from now but also in his junior year as well. While it might be hard to accomplish good things in high school, he knows he can accomplish these things and still have fun. He enjoys challenging himself in school.    

“I want a B average and get at least a 23 on my ACT. I enjoy spending time with the people that I love and listening to music because it has been part of my life,” said Romero.  

Despite being a different ethnicity in a school filled with mostly Mexicans, he feels perfectly fine with that concept. He is very confident is what he can accomplish no matter what. He believes nothing can stand in his way because he has everything he needs to become what he wants in life.