Nando’s is an international casual dining restaurant chain originating in South Africa, with a Mozambican/Portuguese theme. Founded in 1987, Nando’s operates about 1,000 outlets in 30 countries. Nando’s specialises in flame-grilled peri peri chicken. The chicken is served in quarters, halves, wholes, and butterfly breasts. It also serves burgers, pitas, salads, wings and wraps. Sides are available to order with these main dishes such as spicy rice, coleslaw, garlic bread, corn on the cob, creamy mash, chips, mixed leaf salad and macho peas. Nando’s opened its first United States location in 2008 in Washington, D.C. Nando’s currently has over 30 restaurants in the US: seven in the Chicago area, four in Washington, D.C.,thirteen in Maryland, and six in Virginia.

I tried Nando’s restaurant a couple of day’s ago, and I really enjoy the design of the restaurant. It has an African design and I really like how the menus are design, it contains images from African culture. It also has a really pretty view, you can see downtown . It is a really cute place to go on a date and just have a nice dinner. When I went I ordered the Chicken and really enjoyed the the taste and the texture of it. It has a special sauce that they add to it and makes the chicken taste differently from other chicken. It is pricey but I really recommend to go and try it out for a dinner date, birthday, or just to try something new.

Overall I give 5/5