Stax Cafe

Stax Cafe

This weekend I went to a restaurant in the university village/little italy area. The restaurant’s name is “Stax Cafe” located at 1401 W Taylor St, Chicago, IL 60607, the main streets are Taylor & Loomis .

The main reason for which I went there was because I work with a lot of college students that go to UIC (University of Illinois at Chicago) and they were all talking about the food and they made the restaurant seem really pleasing.

At first sight, the restaurant had a very hipster and relaxing sway, and the colors were very neutral. Most of the colors were like a mustard yellow and white lime green it was just a very relaxing environment. However, the main reasons why people go to the restaurant would be for the pancakes, and the scillies.

At the restaurant, you can have a lot of different types of food. For example, I had more healthy version of pancakes. I had healthy pancakes with Greek yogurt and fruit on mine. The pancakes were nice and fluffy and they were really nice and big too. My friends had a skillet that was called the starving college student which was potatoes onion scrambles on top of dish

Overall the food was good. The environment is good for families, you mostly see families going there and just having a good time.

I spent 11 dollars and the pancakes were really nice and big and the yogurt was fresh. My friend spent about 15 to 20 dollars over all she also really enjoyed her meal.

Overall, I would rate the restaurant 5 out of 5 stars just because the inside of the restaurant was not too bright but it did not have bad food, the price was not that bad either, and the food was really filling. I would definitely go back one more time.