iMentor-Tiara Fearon

Throughout the first weeks of the 2016-2017 school year, a new program was introduced at Phoenix Military Academy called the iMentor program. The iMentor program was introduced to the juniors to help them get a taste of what college might be for them. The iMentor program is 3 years long, meaning that they will be with their mentor their junior year, senior year, and first year of the college.

“iMentor is extremely beneficial to me because having a mentor who has experienced the college process, and has also endeared the same struggles I have is essential to graduate college. My mentor and I are able to connect on different levels so that I can understand her experiences and what she could have done better,” said Fearon.

Having someone that wants to help you succeed in life and knows what’s best for you will help you. Both the mentor and the mentee have a role to do so it can be a successful program.

“My role in the iMentor program consist of attending the mentor and mentee programs each month. Ensure I keep in contact will my mentor; to develop a meaningful relationship,” said Fearon.

Developing a relationship with mentor is crucial because having someone you can trust will make you more comfortable asking questions about college. Having someone that will help you understand everything about college will make the process into getting to college easier.

“My mentor is super supportive. My mentor is helping me edit essays for colleges, scholarship programs, summer camps. My mentor also invites me to her professional setting so that I have experience on how to act and professional settings and me different people so that I can get internships for the summer.” said Fearon.

An early experience on how to act professional and creating a new network of people will help later when applying to college and applying for a career that you want to follow. You never know what career you would want to pursue and it doesn’t hurt having multiple contacts in differents fields of work.