Rickita Hill iMentor

Kevin Estrada

This year Phoenix Military Academy is working with iMentor.

iMentor matches every junior with a college graduate mentor.

These mentors are here to guide young teenagers on their journey to graduation and college.  Junior Rickita Hill had a lot to say about iMentor, especially the positive and helpful sides of the program.

“She helps me with my problems in and outside of school,”said Hill.

Hill is on track on to graduate next year and has her mind is set on becoming an aerospace engineer. Hill’s  mentor has a masters degree and is helpful with Hill’s future.

“Since she’s been part of College she knows ways that may help me get scholarships or the best college for me,”said Hill.

Hill’s mentor is open with her time and Hill texts her whenever she has a question.

This program is very helpful for juniors and the program should keep going for other grade levels because it provides special one on one help that allows students to be engaged with their education.