iMentor – Briana Clay

This year, the junior class has been lucky enough to receive extra support through their very difficult year, especially with the new SAT testing for CPS. Student Briana Clay has found this to be a very helpful program.

The new program, iMentor, is supposed to help the junior in school from junior year to the first year of college. Though some students may think that mentoring is not necessary, it is essential to grow as a student and individual, and to be able to go through with the plans you have for the future.

“Your mentor is supposed to give you advice on the next major upcoming decisions you have to make, and make sure you’re on the road to success,” said Clay.

Not only does this program help for student in the academic aspect, it also helps with any personal problems. The iMentor program helps a student solidify their plan and ‘map’ for their future to ensure that the student is successful in their forthcoming years.

“My Imentor has helped me narrow down my top 10 college, raise money for PMA cheerleading team, and in the near future plans to pay for a dance classes for the cheerleaders. I’m benefiting because I have someone successful and who has a lot of good advice to give. More of my fellow classmates have got on the right track and know what their doing with their life,” said Clay.

Even though this program is very helpful, some students believe it has its minimal faults.Things like the absence of choice of who each student receives as their mentor.

“Even though I love my mentor but I do notice a lot of people don’t. I would set up a speed dating for imentor where there is twice as many mentors as mentees. Which help a lot better because whoever you get a good connection with during those 2 minutes you can pick. That way mentees have more of a say in who their mentor is,” said Clay.

Though its minimal faults, the overall effect of this program is a positive one, and leaves juniors believing in themselves and what they want in the future. The program helps their choice future become their reality.

“This program will probably make sure I succeed during my first year of college and I go back for my second year,” said Clay.