Dark Souls 3:The Ringed City DLC

The Last and final Downloadable content that is going to be added to the game. This content is crazier and even harder than the game itself. This new content takes you into a place where it has been destroyed for a while because there is zombies, ghost, and other crazy monsters that are trying to murder you. The twisted landscapes make for a spectacular backdrop and a fitting metaphor for the final chapter of Dark Souls. Anywhere you go it takes you deeper and deeper into the demons dungeon. At the end of a pit you fall into a fight starts up between you and two demon dragons. Its up to you to fight them off and to be able the battle. Once you know where and how to move, the area’s still a challenge, but in true Souls fashion, it’s far from something to great to overcome. Each location you come by in the game you will be in awe because of the view. The enemies are tough and the visuals of each are amazing. There are four bosses in this dlc. Each boss has their own amazing looks and fighting style. That is what makes the game so amazing and tough. This is the reason why it makes me want to break my controller and think about life.  This is the most bosses any dlc got in this amazing game series. This DLC (Downloadable content) is an amazing send off to the spectacular series that From Software has created.

5/5 Stars