Regional Science Fair


Many students remember having to work on their science fair projects when they were younger. For some, it was a complete disaster, and for others, it was a success. As for the Phoenix cadets competing in science fair this year, there was no room for mistakes. On March 19, 2017, Phoenix competed in the 2017 city-wide science fair at the Museum of Science and Industry and out of the 300 students competing, three of Phoenix’s cadets qualified for state.


The students who qualified for state were senior Octavio Sanchez and juniors Aristeo Martinez and Abigail Pio. Their choice of project and their ability to effectively present it to the judges is what granted these students the opportunity to advance to the next round.


Not only did Phoenix have cadets who qualified for state, but there were also cadets who were paid because of their projects. Senior Alejandra Olaguez earned $191, sophomore Stoykoff Nunez earned $450 and sophomore Jeffrey Ren earned $350.


“Honestly, I felt shocked because I was convinced that I wasn’t going to be awarded anything. It was also an honorable feeling to be recognized for distinguished math research,” said Olaguez.


Senior David Cruz also placed 3rd in the competition for his research essay about the Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences and received $75 for it.

“It was stressful. After I submitted it, I was glad I did. I was glad I put time into the essay and apply science to help solve a problem. It was worth it in the end,” said Cruz.


These cadets had to work hard in order to be in the position that they are in. They’ve worked during school and after school on their projects perfecting it to the best of their abilities.
The cadets who qualified for state will compete in the state science fair at Northern Illinois University on May 5, 2017.