Archery is Back!

Phoenix Military Academy Archery team is back. Throughout the years Phoenix has had an archery team they has been ranked at the top in the city of Chicago schools.

At first, there was not going to be a team this year, but instead the season started a little late. Archery is not like any other sport in the school.The archery team normally gets most of their funds from their home competition, where they sell things from a concession stand.

“We make most of our money from are home archery tournament,” said junior Jacqueline Andrade.

The team held tryouts and had a pretty big turnout this year with a total of 40 people trying

out. Many students from all grade levels tried out in hopes of  making the team. Jackie Andrade was told by SFC Mario Villarreal that she has made the archery team this year. She has been on the archery team for  three years. Andrade  has been on the team for two years. Andrade has had many struggles becoming the great shooter she is today. She is currently shooting a 260 out of 300 at practice.

“Being on the Archery team is more than just a sport: it’s my passion,” said  Andrade .

Andrade has great hopes for the team in the future.  She believes that the team will make it to state this year. They have added a lot of new energy to the team this year with 25  new members that has made the team this year.

“Phoenix Military Academy is known for its level 1 status; me as a Phoenix Firebird wants to become and keep that status as the best archery team in Chicago,” said Andrade.