Why Civil War 2 Wasn’t a Success

UGHHH or Yayyyyy are the two reactions comic fans would give for Marvel’s recent civil war 2 event. I find myself agreeing with the former. Civil war 2 was the latest big event that divided the Marvel heroes pitting them against each other, yeah like we haven’t had enough super heroes beating each other up. Anyways, a brief overview is needed in order to show why this event spectacularly failed. It all started with a new inhuman, humans with alien DNA to those who don’t know, being awoken and having the power to see into the future using probabilities and some type of undiscovered waves. Well, after successfully repelling a celestial from earth, all the other super heroes found out about him and that lead to a moral debate of whether they should  intervene or let events play out. The key players or team leaders were Tony Stark (Iron man) and Captain Marvel.

Ok, now to the main topic of why it failed: first, the team leaders were acting way too violent and out of character so what should have ended peacefully ended up breaking friendships. Second, it was very boring with static characters with little to no development on them or the story plot. Third, the tie-in comics of individual heroes were not even that well tied-in usually they started with a prophecy and then the hero usually agrees or rejects it.

Finally, the last reason was that the main story of why these events happened wasn’t even in a tie-in or in the main event it was in Captain America: Steve Rogers, so if you weren’t following that line of comics you were completely lost. Now I’m not saying it is the worst event marvel made *cough* spider-man clone saga *cough* but it is one of the top ten, since it was a blatant grab for money and they story line was so boring that the only good things about it was near the ending with the almost death of one of the heroes and that it is finally done. THIS is one of those comics that I would recommend that you avoid at all close in order to keep your faith in comic or just Marvel in general. In terms of rating I would give these a 1.5 out 5 for at least having a decent ending.