Spider-man/Deadpool review

The story starts off with dormammu, a prevalent Dr. Strange villain, questioning Spider-man’s decision of working with Deadpool. This joke starts the somewhat tone of the comic.

This is a whole comic line not just an event so I will show an overview of key events. Well to start off the most serious event was when deadpool was hired to kill Peter Parker, Aka spider-man, well after finding out Peter was being framed he helped him take down the antagonist, other events include getting Spider-man to go clubbing, and recently Deadpool’s divorce.

Most of these event are pretty humorous, but they also show how deadpool wants to do the right thing, while Spidey needs to be more trusting. Many times you see how they make the perfect of friends and team. This comic has a very light hearted tone that makes people happy and the non stop quips are very enjoyable.

If anyone is interested in a happy yet action packed comic this is for you. Spidey/deadpool bring a good story, for the most part, very good character development, and it also the comics are released frequently so you’re never waiting for long. Overall I give this a 5 out of 5 for being enjoyable and frequent.