John Wick 2

The movie John Wick 2 was released February 10, 2017, coming in with 161.3 million in the box office. Critics have made great reviews on the movie calling it “more gothic” “bone breaking ballet of brutality.” The movie is a sequel of the first John Wick movie.

The movie is based on a man whose wife died and left behind a dog as a gift and a companion for him. She also bought him a very nice car where he secretly keep a hidden photo of her in. Earlier in his life, he was hitman that left that life after marrying his wife. The world’s deadliest killers came back for unfinished business and killed the dog and also took the car his wife gave to him as a gift. As revenge, he seeks out the people who killed his dog and took his car and returns back to this job being a hitman. Throughout the movie he kills so many people that it seems that the body count could amount to the size of a small village. The movie takes place in Rome where the is a rule that there is no killing on the premises on this very fancy and top hotel in Rome where Wick is staying. The man who obligated him into returning hitman days is after him and eventually Wick kills him on the premises of this top hotel. Everyone in Rome now is after him. The ending is a cliffhanger which seems like another movie will be in the making.

I really enjoyed this movie due to the awesome action effects and the story line. All though the movie was very violent, I would give this movie a 5/5 stars because it was great in creating this sense of empowerment and in awe. Overall it was a very good movie that everyone should see.