Unexpected Accomplishments

Dedication and hard work always pay off, but not just in academics. Being able to give the best of yourself in every situation also pays off.

In May, senior Samuel Ferguson of Phoenix Military Academy will be recognized as Cadet of the Year, along with Christina Estrada of Lane Tech High School, who was also announced as Cadet of the Year. Both of these cadets will be ready to receive their award on stage with Mayor Rahm Emanuel and other important peers at the Wreath Laying Ceremony. Ferguson was notified during formation about his nomination by SGT 1st Class Walker.

If there’s something Ferguson is well known, it’s for his accomplishments and hard work at PMA; however, it was never  part of his plans to be cadet of the year, but he did express his excitement.

“I was very excited, I was very proud of myself because I was really proud that my hard efforts paid off for such an amazing achievement as Cadet of the Year,” said Ferguson.

This award is city wide and only one male and one female receive the title for Cadet of the Year, and it was given to Ferguson as a reward for his hard work in four years.

“I just wanna say thank you to all of those who believed in me. Being named as Cadet of the Year has definitely made my struggles worth it,” said Ferguson.

Ferguson expressed his gratefulness for those who have been supporting him, and to those who have taken the time to recognize him. Soon he will graduate feeling accomplished.