Setting Up For College Success


iMentor is a program that was created to help high school students prepare for college on a bigger scale with a college graduate as a mentor since help from high school teachers and counselors is very limited. These dedicated mentors and program coordinator, Ms. Bosquez, do everything they can in their power to guide these students through most of their college decisions. Phoenix Military Academy is using this program now for the Juniors and the results vary within each mentor and mentee.

Most of the Juniors feel as though the program is a great support that really benefits them in many ways, from making the college process easier, to having someone to talk to about anything personal. The iMentor program is not only meant for guiding students through the college process, but it is also meant to help the student grow as a person.

“My relationship with Chris is great, we don’t only talk about my future and academics but we also talk about sports and politics,” said Junior Louis Martinez.

Not only do Louis and Chris pairs have a relationship as mentor and mentee, they also built a relationship as friends that can talk about their interests with each other. This helps make him more comfortable with his mentor and allows him to be more open minded towards Chris to get a better understanding of each other.

“This program has helped me find an actual perspective of how college is because neither of my parents or siblings have graduated from a 4 year university and now I have someone who I can ask a variety of questions in regards to college,” said Martinez.

Since majority of the students will be the first generation in their family to go to a four year university, they will not know what to expect when they arrive on their first day of college. Now with the iMentor program, Louis will have his experienced mentor to talk to about whenever he feels lost or confused about anything regarding college.