High School Heroes

High school heroes was part of junior achievement and it was an event that took place only for the seniors because students are given the opportunity to be eligible for a scholarship through this program.

It was a great opportunity for the seniors because they were able to get the experience of working with kids and also  apply for a scholarship that was specially given to students that participated in this program. Along with the High School Heroes scholarship,  the entire senior  class had to write a scholarship for another scholarship called the Henry Crown Scholarship which any student could have applied for without having participated in High School Heroes.

High school heroes was something I volunteered to do because I wanted to get the experience of working with kids and get to know other individuals. I think that working with kids was a challenge because you have to know how to be able to treat them and know what to say to them because they are young kids and you have to be careful.

High school heroes has prepared me for the future. It will help me be prepared to be able to have contact with others. I will be going to college soon and when I get a degree I’m going to have to be able to work with other people no matter where I work, so this experience has helped me for in the long run.  This program would deserve a 5 out of 5.