Beyond the Ball

Beyond the Ball

Beyond the Ball is an organization that works to better communities and the lives of children. Beyond the Ball was created by Rob and Amy Castañeda when they sought for change in the Little Village community. The organization attempts to combat the frequent violence, drugs, and violence through children. They involve them in sports and teach them personal and social responsibilities.

They not only want to provide the essential skills for children to get out of the community and into a better one, but to give them the tools to stay in the community and improve it. Beyond the Ball seeks to be a turning point in children’s lives and allow them to be successful adults and lead Little Village to experience the same change they did.

Beyond the Ball encourages for children as young as Kindergarten to join and build them up. As these kids grow up, they mentor the younger ones and eventually create a cycle that will only benefit everyone. By providing positive role models, elements of youth leadership, and mentorship they accomplish their goal.

Beyond the Ball hosts soccer and basketball tournaments. They allow teams to be made by the kids themselves and follow up on the tournament where a champion is clear. Not only does Beyond the Ball organize tournaments, but they also organize Project Play which allows children a safe space to play in the summer. Adults and other members of the community can also take part in events because Beyond the Ball helps organize El Grito 5K which runs through Little Village. The money that comes out of the 5K is used to benefit the community.

“I love the program, great way to spend time” – Rodrigo Aviles