iMentor – David Cortez

iMentor is a program where each of the Juniors are paired up with professionals who graduated from college. The plan is for them to guide the Juniors through the college application process and give them advice. They will be with them this year, their senior year, and their first year of college.

This program has made the way of looking at college different compared to other years. Previously, the school waited until senior year to really think about the requirements for colleges. Now, this program has allowed the door for early decision to the juniors in order to decide what college they really are thinking about going to.

“My mentor’s name is Mike Hampton and he works for an advertising company that makes ads for mobile games. He does not work in the field I want to go in, he majored in history and I want to get a major in computer science or computer programming. We got matched together by filling out a survey of preferences we would want in a mentor.” said Junior David Cortez

The advantage of having a mentor is having the ability to listen to different experiences and being able to have someone else looking at their essays and applications. They may not be in the field you want, but there are still able to help you in it.