iMentor – Brian Azarte

Most juniors would say they enjoy working with people who have been in their shoes and are willing to help them do better. Junior Brian Azarte, has used his time with his mentor to get some valuable information he needed.

“I’ve learned that getting accustomed to a new life in college is a process for everyone, and learning to get past this obstacle will help you down your path in life,” said Azarte

Brian has gained some essential information that will lead to his success in postsecondary education while working with his mentor.

“I now have a better idea of what to expect when and if I go to college,” said Azarte

Brian has found having personal conversations with his mentor very helpful and interesting as he gain some information on a career he is interested in.

“It seems pretty interesting, he works as a graphic designer which is something I hope to work as myself. I hope to successfully in the future.” said Azarte