Don’t judge food unless you’ve tried it

Bryan Sanchez is currently a senior at Phoenix Military Academy. He is willing to try any type of food because he believes everyone should be open minded. You never know if you’d like something unless you try it out.

“I would tell others not to judge a food unless they’ve tried it because you’d be surprised about the taste,” said Sanchez.

Bryan first started trying different foods because of his friend. His friend, William, is a hunter and convinced Bryan to try some of the animals he hunted such as deer, rabbits, and squirrel. After trying his friend’s food, he was open to trying any type of food.

“I’ve eaten frog legs, rabbit, deer, squirrel, rocky mountain oysters, turtle, and even worms. My favorite were frog legs because they taste like premium chicken,” said Sanchez.

Although he has eaten many strange foods, he does not regret eating any. He’s willing to try any strange foods despite what his classmates may think. Foods have different taste to them, therefore, if you don’t try different types of foods you’d be stuck with the same taste.

“I don’t regret anything because it opens my mind to new things. I want to try more foods and discover what I actually like and what I don’t,” said Sanchez.

Everyone should be encouraged to try new foods and be opened to different taste!

“I really want to try Indian food because on youtube it looks great. I also want to try many tribal foods because they are interesting. I’d really love to try Casu Marzu, which is a cheese containing live maggots, but unfortunately is banned in the United States,” said Sanchez.