Mumble rappers

At Phoenix Military Academy, there has been numerous of rappers. Michael Bahena is a young and upcoming rap artist. He wants to be in the XXL freshman class one day but he isn’t your everyday rap artist. Michael Bahena, also known as Money Making Mike, hates mumble rappers.

“To be honest man, they’re mumbling rappers. They don’t really be saying anything but I gotta admit they are catchy and have dope beats. That’s what makes them good”, said Money Making Mike.

There has been rumors about who is going to be in the 2017 freshman class. In the list some rappers that are likely to be were Young M.A, Famous Dex and XxxTentacion. Many people hate these rappers and almost as much like them.

“Mumbling rap to me is rappers who don’t say nothing clearly and don’t be having meaningful rhymes. Meaning they don’t have a message or meaning for rapping” said Money Making Mike.

Money Making Mike was inspired by J. Cole, a hip-hop artist. J. Cole said “Especially the amateur eight week rappers. Lil’ whatever—just another short bus rapper. Fake drug dealers turn tour bus trappers” and many theorized that he was taking shots at Lil Uzi Vert or Lil Yachty.

“Oh most definitely J. Cole spit nothing but the truth. These ‘Lil’ rappers are getting all the attention in the music industry but be rapping about nothing. Someone had to say something and Cole destroyed them. The only “Lil” rapper I think is good is ‘Lil Bibby” said Money Making Mike.

Money Making Mike is hoping to one day rap battle a mumble rapper.