Rape is a Crime!

Rape is a Crime!

There was an incident with a student who was charged with sexual assault in Chicago, IL that affected the Phoenix community. It also affected the individuals that were victim to similar situations. Of course, the situation was all over social media and others shared their opinions about it. The news stated a current Phoenix student  was accused of holding a couple hostage at gunpoint and raping the female victim.

In my opinion, I feel as if what the student did was sick and disturbing.  A lot of people tried to defend the student by stating their own opinions. They were making statuses all over social media about rape and how rape is not a crime.

When this incident hit social media, it was being shared constantly. A lot of people that shared the news, didn’t know the person; they just knew of him.

Rape is a crime. Rape is something that one individual does to another individual without permission. Rape is forcing something to happen when he or she doesn’t want it to happen. According to National Sexual Violence Resource Center, “91% of the victims of rape and sexual assault are female, and 9% are male”. Most rapes in this world happen to females. Females are not able to defend themselves as much as males.

On the other hand, others might look at it as if the rapist are not committing a crime or they making negative comments stating that rape is not a crime. Which at some point can hurt individuals that were victims of sexual assault, especially females. Females are very emotional and this makes them feel as if they are less, often leading to emotional and mental problems.

However, rape is one of the most serious and harmful crimes in America. Forcing someone to do something that he or she doesn’t feel comfortable doing, makes you look less of a person. Raping someone makes you look desperate and others look at you differently.

I just feel as if people should think before they make decisions on raping someone. Anything could have happened to his mom or sister or any other family member of his. This is something that can hurt a person’s life to the point where they feel disgusted with themselves. Most victims tend to commit crimes after incidents like this. So moral of the story is to think before you make decisions, bad ones at that.