It’s a Cruel, Cruel World

It’s a Cruel, Cruel World

Joshlynn Murphy

Living in Chicago years ago wasn’t as bad as it is now. This world is so sick and cruel, it makes you want to leave the city. I lived in Chicago for my whole life, and not all 18 years have  been rough, but for the last few years it has been depressing. Killing after killing, when will it ever stop? Babies are getting killed. Adults are getting murder.

Recently, I lost a close family member to gun violence. This person was very special to me. He was my brother and best friend. He was not in a gang or anything like that. He was a strong, working man, providing for his family. All of a sudden someone wanted to take his life.

This world is so sick and cruel, they don’t care about what goes on. They don’t care who they kill or shoot. Babies are getting their lives taken for them as well. Right after his shooting, there were several other shootings within the same range. Could these shootings be related? You never know. There are some sick people in this world.

Chicago, was a place where tourists would come and explore around town. Chicago was also known for immigrants coming for education, money, jobs or whatever their case might be. Chicago was known for big events and good times. Now, in today’s society people do not want to be bothered with Chicago even the citizens. A lot of people are planning to move somewhere safer for their family.

Especially me. I plan on leaving for school pretty soon, somewhere where I don’t have to worry about my surroundings or not being able to sit on my porch or even my house.

We just have to get better as humans and in order to not be treated like animals, we have to stop acting like animals. All these black on black crimes have to stop. We need help!