Alejandro Flores

How would you feel if a stranger made your girlfriend, sister, or someone really close to you feel uncomfortable. Not long ago, Senior Mayra Barrios felt really uncomfortable while riding the bus home because a guy kept asking her personal questions and staring at her.

“I was on the CTA bus and encountered a guy who kept staring at me and asked me many personal questions,” said Barrios.

It doesn’t seem like these guys consider how girls feel and proceed to make them feel very uncomfortable.

“I was sitting next to him on the bus and he looked to be handicapped. He kept moving side to side and he even bumped me a few times with his elbow, which hurt. I didn’t want to move because I didn’t want people to think that I am shaming him,” said Barrios.

Mayra doesn’t like to be the center of attention therefore by moving away would cause her to be judged.

“I was on a packed bus and didn’t want to be seen moving to another seat. I couldn’t think right at the moment because I was distracted when he began asking for my name and where I was from,” said Barrios.

She was concerned of what would happen if she confronted the man. She decided to keep quiet so she wouldn’t bother anybody else.

“I told him what my name was but then I acted like I couldn’t hear him and I started listening to music,” said barrios.

She could’ve gotten off the bus and waited for another one but she couldn’t think through right.

“There are several ways to prevent situations like this. One would be to always travel with someone you know so you don’t feel as vulnerable as when you are alone,” said Barrios.

If you don’t have someone to travel with you, you could always carry some things that could make you feel safer. For example, you could carry a bag of marbles in your purse and if some guy is following you, then all you have to do is smack him with your purse. Or you could carry some mace spray. Just be careful where you use it.