Kevin Estrada’s YouTube

Yvan Flores

Kevin Estrada


Senior Kevin Estrada has been taking steps to make his YouTube channel more popular by posting more video game gameplay. He has gained hundreds of views since the beginning of of his YouTube channel. Estrada has made a Google adsense which gives him money from the amount of views that his videos get. Estrada also takes at least an hour to edit his videos so they look extra nice when uploading the videos to YouTube. With his extra time, he focuses on what day and time to post what gameplay that his viewers might enjoy.

“It takes time and dedication to make videos that contain good quality. Many You Tubers spend two to three hours editing a video so the viewers would be very interested into watching more upcoming videos,” said Estrada.

Estrada’s videos have been gaining a great amount of views from 90 views to 140 views.  He uploads almost everyday to get more views and more subscribers.

Estrada’s uploads a variety of games that he plays, but he mostly uploads gameplays of Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare. When he uploads the gameplays for Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare he usually gains more views and subscribers. Kevin has also began creating his own fan art channel which he uses video editing software to make his channel standout and catch people’s attention.