iMentor – William Hernandez

When it comes to preparing juniors for college and their future careers, Phoenix has taken a huge leap forward to make sure its students have exactly what they need for life. The iMentor program was launched earlier in the school year, using the class of 2018 as the guinea pigs for the new curriculum, replacing LaunchU, Bottom Line, Minds Matter, and Chicago scholars as the previous mentorship programs endorsed by the school.

William Hernandez in one of the mentees testing the program this year. After taking a series of surveys describing his likes and dislikes, a mentor was assigned to Hernandez from a panel of potential mentors previously selected the program coordinators.

“Kevin Kelly is my mentor. We talk about college and other future plans we have. They tell us about their own personal experience and help us out with what they can,” said Hernandez.

Aside from preparing for college, mentors also help their mentees consider and explore the areas of study they may want to pursue after college. For many juniors that have yet to decide what they want to do as a career, or have not looked very deeply into the majors they’ll take in college, this is an invaluable aid.

“My mentor’s career is in advertising, and I’m interested in that too. He gives me great advice about college and his own personal experience” said Hernandez.

With the help and advice from their mentors, juniors like Hernandez hope that they will be ready for college and what comes after.