iMentor – Isaac Martinez

Junior Isaac Martinez is part of the program iMentor at Phoenix Military Academy, their mentors are with them for three years: junior, senior, and college freshman year. It helps them with their last two years of high school and to prepare them for college by meeting up with them to see their progress.

iMentor seems like a great program in general because it makes the life of students less complicated. Students have the opportunity to ask questions whenever they have an issue with their education.

“The iMentor program has helped me understand what college is about. It has helped me network in a way because when we all meet up with our mentors, we are not limited to only talking to our own mentor. You get to hear different perspectives on college experiences from the other mentors as well,” said Isaac Martinez.

Mentors are great people to have in your life in general because they have  already experienced what you are about to explore. They are there to help you reach your goals with ease, and they are there to just make you feel like you are not alone when you enter the adult world.

“My mentor’s name is Kevin. He is a professor in biomedical visualization. He teaches this class at UIC. I had no idea what this was and him explaining it to me made me realize that there is a degree out there for everything,” said Martinez.

  This program will make students realize that even though college can get tough it will be easier with some help of a mentor.

“I do think that having my mentor until my first year of college is a good idea. The program ends my first year of college, but that does not mean we can not keep in touch after the program,” said Martinez.