iMentor – Bryan Castillo

iMentor is a program where juniors are paired up with a college educated mentor who volunteers to help guide their mentee in their journey to college and graduation. iMentor is a program that is helping many students at Phoenix military Academy by giving cadets a friend (their mentor) to help them with the transition from high school to college without little to no struggle.

Junior Bryan Castillo is part of the program. He attends meetings once a month every Thursday. Bryan and his mentor start to get build a relationship with each other. Being on iMentor is a three-year commitment starting from your junior year and ending after your freshman year of college.

Bryan Castillo has developed a good relationship with`his mentor, Phil Ayende,  he has a major in business and accounting. Bryan believes that his mentor is helping him prepare for the SAT and the college process.

“My mentor has become more than a mentor, he became my friend”,  Said Castillo.  

iMentor has given Bryan an idea of what to expect for college and an understanding of the college application process. Also with a deeper understanding of what to expect with scholarships and for future preparation.

“I’m Really enjoying the program and the connection with my mentor”, Said  Castillo.  

His involvement in iMentor is helping him now and in the future.