Gisel Saucedo

Phoenix has added a new program that will benefit the class of 2018 and the incoming students. The Juniors have a program called Imentor. The I mentor is a program where each cadet has a person who comes to visit them and help them whatever they need and they talk about their careers and how they got there.

Karen Haro is one of the junior that is in the I mentor program. Her Imentor is  Nathalie Rothstein

Haro does believe that the Imentor program is benefiting her because they talk about the option Haro has of attending college after she graduates high school.

“I do believe it will help me be more prepared for my upcoming college applications and decisions. My mentor, Natalie, and I talk about the college options I have and which options might work best for me” said Haro

Haro mentor will not just help her in the future but she is helping her right now because Rothstein is not just concern with her future but she ask about what Haro is doing now in school.

“It’s really nice to have someone to talk about and helped guide me through important aspects in my daily life. It’s also really helpful to have someone keeping me on track on my future.” said Haro

The i mentor program usually meets here at Phoenix once a month in the gym for about an hour But Haro and Rothstein are planning to meet outside of Phoenix to go to the Art Institute this weekend.