A Day Without Immigrants


On February 16, plenty of stores were closed, many jobs had no employees, and the streets were practically empty. The only areas that were packed had immigrants and supporters protesting to prove how important they are to the economy.

Prior to  February 16 came- word was passed around about the so called “Day Without Immigrants” protest. Immigrants were told to stay at home or go attend the protest. Anyone who was undocumented was told to support this cause by staying at home, not go to work, and that their kids should not attend school. Every undocumented citizen decided that this was something that needed to be done. They wanted to demonstrate how they’re a vital part of this country.

I personally believe that this was a great idea because many people don’t pay attention to how important undocumented citizens are to this economy. They are the ones that work the jobs that many other citizens don’t want. These people are the base of this country; they are the support, without them America can easily crumble. Even though kids did miss a day of school, it made  people realize that kids will not be in school at all if their parents are taken away and they won’t have any choice but to go with their parents as well.

It is time for people to see that everyone in this country should not be looked down upon because each and every one of them has shaped this country in a major way.