Pretty Little Liars Review

Yareli Soto

“Pretty Little Liars” is a teen drama mixed with thrill and mystery  based upon the novel  written by Sara Shepard.  The first episode was released on June 8th, 2010, according to TV magazine. The show is intriguing, yet dull in the sense that one is constantly waiting on what the characters will discover and accomplish next.

The film’s main cast are five female friends: Spencer, Emily, Aria, Alison, and Hanna. Alison t is “dead.” At the beginning of the show the all 5 girl hung out until Alison’s death, then they drifted apart. They start receiving texts from someone referred to  as “A”. Their goal throughout the seasons was to find out who “A” was. In order for them to figure out who “A” was, they take many risks that may affect their lives, as well as the lives of their families. This “A” person makes them do a lot of things that they can get in trouble for. At some points, the girls are threatened and are forced to make hard decisions.

Pretty Little Liars’ goal is to keep its audience in suspense and show how one individual can cause a major problem when threatening others. Although it made them closer, they had to sacrifice a great deal of their privacy because “A” was always watching them.

The beginning of Pretty Little Liars was confusing, but I continued to watch the series. , Throughout the seasons, the same topic keeps repeating and the suspense  escalates as they get closer to clues, yet the mystery has not yet been solved. It would be better if the clues were also directed towards  the audience where they would be able to predict who “A” was as well. This show is entertaining at some points, but I have become very impatient when the cast thinks  they have figured out who it is and it ends up being a different person. It would be better if there wasn’t so much  confusion in regards to who “A” is because they always have to start from the beginning again. Overall I would rate this show 3 out of 5 stars. The series finale will begin April 18th.