To Be Thor Again: The Unworthy Thor

Ivan Ramos

A while ago there was a Marvel comic’s event called the original sin which revealed many new things about characters such as spider-man, Hulk, and Thor. During its concluding fight the main antagonist is able to drop Thor with a single whisper, what was said is still unknown, and he is now unable to wield his famous hammer Mjolnir.  After this a new Thor appeared, one that is a woman, leaving Thor, now going by Odinson, broken and a drunk.

The Unworthy Thor begins a couple years after the original sin event. The story starts with him being confined and beaten daily all while trying to get to something. The story continues by showing flashbacks of when he was young and before his capture, including a fateful encounter with a character called the unseen which revealed that another hammer exists one that survived the death of its universe, in the secret wars event that is too long to explain right now. This starts Odinsons’ journey to find the hammer and to reclaim his lost title. Odinson is accompanied by Beta Ray Bill, his goat Tooth Gnasher, and a Hell hound called Thori.

This story line bring a sense of desperateness to Thor who is almost pitiful in this series. It also highlights his reliance on his hammer and what he would do to get one. This is a great comic book for those who want an action packed Thor story that shows a different characteristics of Thor than that of the movie one. Overall I would give this story a 4.5 out of 5 stars since it drags in the story line a bit, but the character development is on point.