NYX Lingerie; The Nudes You Don’t Want


Ingrid Pureco

For many girls at this school, matte lipsticks are a heaven sent product because of their longevity. Many matte lipsticks are quite expensive, so it is amazing to find some that are inexpensive and have a good formula. One brand that is very well known for their overall products being of great quality is NYX. This brand gained more and more fame throughout the years by younger crowds. More often than not, this brand can be found at drug stores in the makeup aisle, and the brand has their own website, which makes it that much more accessible. One of their highly reviewed and praised products is the NYX Lingerie line that currently has 24 colors, from a light peach nude, to a deep mauve brown, for $6-7 per item. Though highly raved on, these lipsticks aren’t all too great.

I’ve found that this lipstick is far too drying, and though a drying effect is very common among matte lipsticks, these lipsticks are exaggeratingly drying. Furthermore, some tubes can be very chunky and cakey, making the product hard to apply, and leaving a non-flattering look. Even so, not all of the tubes in this line are like that. I have tried some that are very smooth and apply beautifully, meaning that the overall formula is not consistent. Even more, most of the lipsticks are not true to their color; some dry down darker or lighter, meaning that you are not necessarily buying the true color you want. Lastly, once applied, the lipsticks are tremendously sticky, making them uncomfortable to wear.

Though these are relatively inexpensive, these lipsticks are still on the pricey side. Because of this, I would not recommend these to someone looking to save money. I would just warn about the overly drying effect and the very sticky feeling, the non consistent formulations, and the lack of true color that not everyone would enjoy. One good product that would be a better choice over the Lingerie line, is the soft matte lip cream, which is also by NYX. This lipstick has the same matte look but is far more comfortable to wear and gives you a beautiful look.

Overall I would rate these lipsticks a two out of five.