‘Back Sir’


Michael Bahena

Senior Erik Bernabe is currently enrolled in a two-year program called “Chicago Police Firefighter Training Program” (CPFTA) to help him get a hands on experience of both careers and pick which career he wishes to pursue in the future. Bernabe attends the program twice a week, which are Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s  at the police training facility.

“It was rough; they made us workout a lot. They went overboard with the workouts,” said Bernabe.

Bernabe wishes the police side of the program wasn’t as challenging. The police instructors make the students do: jumping jacks, squats, push-ups, burpees, running, and front leaning rest positions (Push up position). The workouts last  from an hour and a half  to two  hours of physical activity.

“I like police side better because that’s the career I want to pursue, but the instructors make it complex  because they go overboard from what it actually is,” said Bernabe.

Being in the police portion of the program is a small representation of what it’s like  being in the military. The instructors don’t let the cadets talk, use their electronic device, and don’t allow the female’s hair to touch their collar. The police portion is much  more strict than the firefighter portion.

“Two free years at a community college, a better physical body, and a higher percentage to pursue this career due to the completion of the program,” said Bernabe.

Despite the police side of the program being difficult, it has it’s benefits. Everything in life is not supposed  to be easy because if it were, everyone would be able to do  it. The sacrifices and pain the cadets go through in the program will all be worth it.