Mikva Challenge Funds

Mikva Challenge Funds

Diana Guerrero, Editor

On February 4, 2017, PMA was granted  $3,000 to complete a project that covers mental health issues as well as  topics such as how to deal with sexual assault. Phoenix Military Academy Sisterhood and Brotherhood went to Roosevelt University to attend Mikva Challenge workshops. The groups will be working on this project during the next few months with some of the staff members such as Ms. Comeford, Ms. Perez and Ms. Tristano.

Students who participated in these workshops talked about topics that involved our society. Senior Samuel Ferguson talked about the importance of using contraceptives in order to prevent STD’s/STI’s as well as unexpected pregnancies and building relationships with authority.

“ In my opinion, problems between teenagers and police authority exist due to lack of authority figures failing to understand the rough upbringing and background of inner city youth,” said Ferguson.

The project about mental health issues that the Brotherhood and Sisterhood programs seek to address are also very important. The information will be hopefully will raise awareness and provide access to resources.

“The information that was provided for us was valuable. We received information not only on the issues that we wish to raise awareness on but also on other issues like homelessness and immigration,” said junior Samantha Cocone.

PMA received these funds by filling out questionnaires and participating in interviews. The project is planned to be executed through weekly meetings amongst Brotherhood and Sisterhood along with interactive activities. Those who participated in the workshop will be part of planning the project.