Lesley Delgado

Shania Smith is a junior at Phoenix Military Academy who enjoys  the iMentor program  to help her prepare for the SAT, scholarships, and the  college process.


“My mentor has helped me understand the scholarship process and she has helped me find schools that most likely will accept me”, said Smith.

For many of the juniors, iMentor is the first program they are part of. Her mentor helps Smith feel less stressed about her future and less difficult to find schools that are on her level.   

“I feel that iMentor would be beneficial to me because it is hard to find schools that are on my level. Being apart of iMentor makes me feel less stressed about my future in college”, said Smith.

The program has offered many opportunities to Smith not just because of her mentor but also because of she see her mentor as a second mother who cares about her future as much as her family does.    

“I feel that my mentor has turned into a second mother. She cares about my future as much as me and my family does and she takes a lot of time out of her day to find scholarships. In addition, she arranges meetings for me to talk to college representatives,”said Smith.

Smith is really enjoying the program and the connection with her mentor. Her involvement in iMentor is helping her now and in the future.