PMA Student Outside Of School Life Has A Twist

Brianna Concepcion

PMA Student Outside Of School Life Has A Twist

By: Brianna Concepcion

Junior Jasmine Alamilla is a very different person outside of school than she is in school.   

In school, she meets the “expectation” of a PMA cadet but in reality she hates every aspect of the educational system. She hates that the education system is completely disorganized and full of ignorance.  Her horoscope helps her stay positive and live life.

Alamilla’s astrological sign is a taurus. She meets the full meaning of the taurus because she loves playing music and is an animal lover. She is really outgoing and devoted to her passions. She personally hates  the holidays and is not afraid to voice her opinions.

“Holidays, they’re just another day nothing special,” said  Alamilla.

Her name has a deep meaning behind it. It means flower and life. She said her name and her freedom of opinions shapes how she is as a person. She is a carefree person who is honest.

“It’s always good to be honest because at the end of the day being honest is all you have,” said Alamilla.

When she thinks about her future, she knows she wants to go to college and either become a music teacher or a psychiatrist .