This weekend I went to a Mexican restaurant in the South Side area. The restaurant’s name is “Machetes” located at 4636 S Cicero Ave, Chicago, IL 60638, the main streets are 46 St & Cicero.

One of the main reason for which I went there was because I was on the bus one day and I saw the new restaurant and I wanted to just go try the food.

At first sight, it does not seem pleasing the restaurant is still new so it doesn’t have a lot of decorations and the colors are kinda doll. However, the main reasons why people go to the restaurant would be the quesadillas.

At the restaurant, the quesadillas are 20 inches long. They come in different toppings like stack chicken and more. The quesadillas were okay, I had mine with half chicken and half stack. The environment is good for families, you mostly see families going there and just having a good time.

The price of the food was also not that bad. For 20 inchs quesadillas each one cost about $8 to $10 dollars which is really not that bad compared to other places in which you spend $6 for a 4 inch long quesadilla. Sometimes, the quantity of food given at other restaurants doesn’t fill you up at all.

Overall I would rate the restaurant a 3 out of 5 stars just because the inside of the restaurant is not so nice, but it did not have bad food and the price was not that bad either.