Feminism Isn’t Equalism

Feminism Isnt Equalism

Feminism is a very controversial topic, which people agree with to the fullest or disagree with the overall ideology of the movement.

The foundation of the feminist movement is the fight towards equality, and it is a fact that feminism has been a very important part of history. This is due to the movement pushing for females to have the ability to vote alongside their male counterparts. Even so, the overall ideology of feminism is flawed. If feminism was really a fight towards equality, the movement would bring up how males can go through the same struggles such as limitation of career choice, a forced and flawed ideology of what masculinity means, and any underrepresented group among males, including rape victims.

Some may say that men do not have to adhere to any societal imposed ideology of what makes a man masculine. With this some may also say that men do not have to struggle with some aspects of society that women have to struggle with, particularly sexual assault, and neglect to represent males in this particular topic.

Though the foundation of these ideas are deeply rooted,they are not necessarily applicable in this day and age. Men often feel the need to be seen as masculine, and because of this, they end up choosing a career that is more manual than technical. Careers like movers or mechanics are seen as more masculine, and are more likely to be chosen instead of more feminine careers like teachers or nurses. Moreover, A man’s  feeling of self is erased, as they feel forced to adhere to what they see as masculine. When a man feels the need to dress and talk a certain way, play sports and have only guys as friends to be seen or feel masculine, that man loses his sense of self. That man has placed limitations for himself so that he is not seen as less than their wrong interpretation of masculine. Furthermore, the idea of masculinity makes males that are victims of sexual assault doubtful of coming forward and receiving the help they need to cope with their assault. Without any representation, male victims suffer alone and in silence, not benefiting from having representation from a group that claims equality.

Feminism does not fight for equality because they do not represent males when it comes to their limitation of career choice, or represent males when it comes to social and sexual issues like sexual assault. Without a doubt, feminism has helped shape the world we see today, but it is not necessarily helpful all the time. I believe equality is absolutely necessary and needed in our country, and around the world, but feminism is not a step forward to that goal.