3-Point Shootout


Donecia Blount

3-Point Shootout

By: Donecia Blount

Sophomore VinQuan Randle, ended the month of February with an impressive honor. He advanced to the second round of the three point shootout at Collins High School.

 Randle and three of his teammates,freshman Jacorie Franklin, sophomore Khalid Herron, and sophomore Eddie Fox, all participated in the first round of the  three point shootout contest located at Collins High School Academy.

According to Randle, he was one of the representatives for Phoenix because of his magnificent three pointers in games.

During the first round the players were up against Chicago Tech and Collins Academy. The main goal of three point contest is to see who can make the most threes from three different angles within the time given. If a player hits all 15 shots they automatically advance. The ones who scored the most advanced to the next round. Randle set the record with 7 three pointers, advancing to the next round.

“I went third and hit 7 out of 15 and set the record. Only three people besides me hit 7 and advanced,” said Randle.

Randle received a t-shirt and envelope informing him of the details for the next round. It was a lot of pressure to represent his school by himself in the second round.

“It felt kind of weird everybody just looking at you shoot the ball and only you are on the court in front of people you don’t even know,” said Randle.

Sadly, he did not advance to the next round, scoring only 6 three pointers. If he would have hit double digits he would have been a top contestant, but he is grateful to have had the honor to show off his skills and represent PMA.

As for anything he could have did differently he responded, “just shoot the ball like I would usually shoot. Stop thinking about who was looking at me and just concentrate on my shot.”

Fortunately, all of Phoenix’s three point contestants are underclassmen and will have the chance to compete again in the future.