13th Amendment

13th Amendment

Zulimar Guajardo


The 13th Amendment is a movie about politics and what was occurring during the Civil Rights movement and what’s happening now. In the movie there are African Americans who can relate to this documentary because they may have experienced some of the same experiences.  

This documentary also relates back to what is happening now that Trump was elected president and the racism there has been since he went into the White House. The documentary kept showing clips from the Civil Rights movement and Martin Luther King Jr., along with other Civil Rights leaders.

The video was significant because it opens your eyes and makes you realize that this is what’s really going on and it’s affecting people around us and our families. It’s scary that people never really finish fighting for their rights when we supposedly live in a free country. It’s scary because a lot of Mexican families are being separated from each other and it scares me because even though my parents are residents they can still be sent back to Mexico.

For example, recently ICE is knocking on houses and if they open the door, they can take them and send them to Mexico. Another example is how at the airports they make you sign a piece of paper giving up your residency and they warn people not to sign it buts it’s scary to know that you can no longer go and visit your country and come back.

This documentary is something everyone should watch because it impacts everyone and some people still don’t realize what’s going on. Some are not doing anything to change what’s going on and then there are those who are trying to make a change but they’re portrayed as bad people or people who are just trying to call attention.