No Detention For Sleeping

No Detention For Sleeping

On average, CPS student spends 35 hours in school per week. Students have to wake up very early to come to school, not giving them enough time to sleep. By far, senior year is the most stressful year. As a senior, you are either working a part time job or staying late after school for extracurricular activities. Time management is key to be able to pass senior year, but there are days when you have to sacrifice your sleep in order to finish your homework or college applications. Seniors should not have to serve detention for sleeping in class.

Teachers find it very disrespectful when they see one of their students sleeping in class. As a result, they get kicked out of class and are sent to see Major Stampley or Ms. Tristano, which is a complete waste of time.

Teachers make a big deal when they catch one of their students sleeping in class. I understand that it is disrespectful to sleep while a teacher is lecturing. However, sleeping after all of your tasks are completed should not be a problem.

Phoenix Military is located on the West side and most students don’t live near the school. Most students, including me, wake up around 6:00 a.m to arrive on time for formation. Teens need about 8-10 hours of sleep to function properly.

When students don’t get enough sleep they are biologically forced to sleep in class. They are so focused on trying to catch up on sleep, they are not able to focus on the lecture, making them vulnerable to getting a bad grade.

It’s bad enough that they are slacking off in school because of their sleep schedule. It is even worse knowing that they will get a detention and have to stay for an hour on Friday because of it. 

Every senior would appreciate having a 20-minute nap during school especially if they did not fear getting yelled at or getting a detention.